Express2Connect (E2C)

The E2C project spanned over three years between March 2010 and February 2013 and was funded by the Ambient Assistent Living (AAL) joint programme. Halmstad Living Lab had a project budget of 746.245 Euro with national funding from VINNOVA. Carina Ihlström Eriksson was the project leader for the Swedish part of the project. The E2C proposal focused on finding a solution to the very challenging issues and problems concerning:

1. Preventing seniors’ internal experience of loneliness as this is strongly associated with dissatisfaction with life.
2. Develop a new innovative solution for an emergent EU market for “preventive social technology”, consisting of the increasing part of elderly people age 65+.
3. Creating implementation strategies that allow the solution a place in the service ecology of elderly care by contributing to a stop in the predicted rise in costs of health and long term care.

The project integrates the individual and societal level with the commercial perspectives in four European countries with the help of Living Lab approaches. E2C aims to offer ways and occasions for communities among the users to be created, as it will intensify interaction, communication and dialogue between the users and contribute to the feeling of wellbeing, self esteem and belonging.

The main results of the project can be divided into three subcategories:
1. At an individual level E2C aims at helping people to stay active by using their creative potential (as former experiences, competences, ways of thinking and working etc.).
2. At a societal level having more elderly people continuing to live independent, active and satisfying lives in their own homes will have a preventive impact on predicted rise in costs of health and long term care.
3. E2C aims at creating a sustainable commercial solution that develop the existing solutions into a wide spread E2C service. This is done by applying specific, relevant media-content and social media principles (as seen on for instance YouTube and Facebook) which are not broadly used by elderly people today.

The project partners involved are: Copenhagen Living Lab (project coordinator), Substanz A/S, Forum Virium Helsinki, Heutink ICT, Multi Media Tables BV, Waag Society, Laurea University of Applied Sciences, Halmstad University (Halmstad Living Lab), Halmstad Municipality and The Active Seniors Association.

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