Secure at Home - Living Lab

The project "Secure at Home - Living Lab" started 2007-08-01 and was granted 1.600.000 SEK for a two year period by VINNOVA. Project leader was Carina Ihlström Eriksson. The project was a collaboration between CIIT, CERES and IS-lab at Halmstad University.

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Partners in this project were:

  • Emwitech
  • Free2move
  • Halmstad Fastighets AB
  • Innovation Team
  • Komikapp Rehatek
  • LBS Science Park
  • MedicPen
  • Neat Electronics
  • Phoniro
  • ProEvolution
  • Unity by Light AB

Living lab – Secure at home was a VINNOVA funded research project exploring the possibilities with a Living Lab approach. The project primarily focused on methods and tools for user involvement in the innovation process. The context of the Living Lab is ICT services and products aimed at supporting and empowering elderly people.

The overall research question within this project was: In what way does user participation affects the innovation process in a Living Lab approach?

The results from the project were divided into three categories:

1. Evaluation and development of methods for user participation in the innovation process.

2. Establish a long-lasting living lab at Halmstad University. Please visit halmstadlivinglab.se for further information.

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3. Support our partners development processes of new products and services aimed at empowering the elderly.

Read the project report in Swedish.

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Carina Ihlström

Foto: Christel Lind

Carina Ihlström Eriksson

Halmstad University

P.O. Box 823

S-301 18 Halmstad


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