The Local Newspaper 2.0 - with engaged readers (2009-2011)

KK-stiftelsen granted this project 2.015.000:- over a two year period. Partners were: Helsingborgs Dagblad Nya Medier AB, Göteborgs-Posten Nya AB, Mediebolaget i Halland AB, NA Tidningar AB, Sydsvenskan AB, VLT and Västkustmedia AB. This is a collaboration project between Halmstad University and Jönköping International Business School. Carina Ihlström Eriksson was project leader.

The two overall research questions, relevant for both industrial and scientific research were:

How can an open media environment be designed to leverage the values of user generated content (UGC) in media and
news production?

How can different stakeholders be involved in the process of designing innovative UGC services?


We proudly present the newspaper that we have published together with the newspapers:

LoCoMedia tidning

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Carina Ihlström

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