The three year project New(s) Media Ecosystem (EcoMedia) started January 1st 2013 and is financed by the KK Foundation with 5,25 MSEK. Newspaper partners are: Aftonbladet, Expressen, Göteborgs-Posten, Helsingborgs Dagblad, Mediabolaget Västkusten AB, MittMedia and Västerbottens-Kuriren. Carina Ihlström Eriksson was the initial project leader until her sickleave, when Maria Åkesson took over as acting project leader.

The project addresses the following research questions:

How does changing media experiences/habits influence media house ecosystems?

What are the frames and building blocks that are adaptable to business modeling for digital new(s) media, and how can new business models be designed?

The overall goal of this project is to generate a comprehensive view of the changing news media ecosystem to prepare the newspaper partners for the future and the researchers to contribute to the body of knowledge within this area. The contributions of this project are expected to be:

- Identification and description of today´s digital media ecosystem of newspapers

- Descriptions of consumption patterns regarding different devices for media consumption as well as user preferences of future media services

- Identification and description of frames and building blocks of business models leveraging value in the digital business ecosystem

- Models of new(s) media ecosystems considering changing media experiences/habits and ecosystem relationships


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Carina Ihlström

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