Secure at Home - Smart Locks

The Secure at Home - Smart Locks project was an one year project 2008 funded by VINNOVA with 1.500.000 SEK (divided between three partners). It was a project with Phoniro AB, Emwitech AB and Föreningen för anhörigvårdare. Jesper Svensson was the project leader of this project and Carina Ihlström Eriksson was acadmic leader.

Secure at Home – Smart Locks was a VINNOVA funded project where two technology companies were cooperating with researchers and end-users in the development process of an IT-demonstrator. The idea to the demonstrator was generated by users in previous Living Lab activities. The IT-demonstrator aimed to mitigate the problems connected to safety and security for elderly people living alone at home. Furthermore it provided enhanced communication possibilities between for example a caretaker, a caregiver and next of kin to the elderly.

The results from the project was threefold:

1. The evaluation of the IT-demonstrator provided solid results concerning what benefits and values the IT-demonstrator brings into this context.

2. The approach enabled the researchers to learn more about how user participation influences an IT-innovation process as well as the IT-innovation.

3. Furthermore, this approach increased the companies competence regarding methods for user involvement in IT-innovation processes.

Read the project report in Swedish.


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Carina Ihlström

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