The SociaLL project was lead by SINTEF and other partners is Copenhagen Living Lab and Botnia Living Lab. This was a three year project LILAN project with a total budget of 5.345.000 SEK funded by Nordforsk. The project objective is: "Value-creating use of social software for co-creation in (a) existing Living Lab infrastructures and (b) SMEs with little or no previous experience with Living Labs." Carina Ihlström Eriksson was project leader for Halmstad Living Labs part of the project.

Key SociaLL results and effects were:
- Social software optimized for co-creation in Living Labs.
- Increased understanding of the potential of social software for innovation in industry, public sector and academia.
- SME uptake of social software to support user involvement in innovation and co-creation. Expected effect at the level of the participating countries.
- Uptake of social software for co-creation in existing Living Lab infrastructures. Expected effect at the European level.


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Carina Ihlström

Foto: Christel Lind

Carina Ihlström Eriksson

Halmstad University

P.O. Box 823

S-301 18 Halmstad


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